Welcome to the Scouting side of the IOAC.ie, our exclusive International Scout and Guide Camping grounds!

These camping grounds are on an exclusively “Scout and Guide only” area of the IOAC campus and can accommodate hundreds of Scouts and Guides from all around the world!

We are Ireland’s newest independently run Scout and Guide campsite and have our very own Adventure Centre on the same campus! So, for all you eager scouts and guides out there, come and have great fun and adventure at the IOAC!! Climb that High Ropes tower, shoot your Scouter in our archery Battlezone, use your knot tying and lashing skills to build the best raft on our lake, and so much more!

For Leaders, our aim is that once you arrive at our gates and see our banners, you too can enjoy your camp! You can book your stay and all your activities long before you arrive at the IOAC!

Depending on the wide range of activities, both on and off site, that you choose, we will look after your programme for you! Plus, we like to see you adults taking part too! The exciting activities and facilities that we have on offer are not just for kids!

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Why stay at the International Scout & Guide Camping Grounds at the IOAC?

Our International Scout & Guide Camping Grounds have been lovingly designed and created by lifelong scouts, making sure that we have everything you need for your next camping adventure!